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Wire and cable industry, and then dig glory behind the “gold mine”

2017/06/22 10:32
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Over the past decade, China's wire and cable industry has made great progress, but in which there are many worthy of glory behind the endless cable people dig "gold mine", it is precisely because of China's wire and cable industry has many deficiencies even said is defective, just let China's wire and cable market leaving the cable artificial joy, also visibly worried.

Currently, the global wire and cable market has more than one hundred billion euros, of which the Asian market accounts for about 36%, about 31% of the European market, American market accounts for about 23%, about 10% in other markets. Difficult to find China's wire and cable industry output value has exceeded the United States, with 1.1 trillion yuan in the world leader.

The Chinese wire and cable industry market share in the Asian market, far behind Japan and South Korea and other wire and cable manufacturers. But this value in the global wire and cable market has been negligible, the fundamental reason is that domestic wire and cable manufacturing enterprises with foreign R & D capability is far behind the cable giants, only in the low mid-market competition.

As China's smart grid construction and the corresponding rural power grid renovation project continued to move forward, into the actual construction phase, the development of domestic wire and cable industry has also ushered in opportunities for development, but in the back of prosperity, industry or internal problems in a very bad state.

Also remember that in 2012 held in Shanghai International Wire and Cable exhibition in Asia, foreign wire and cable providers or raw and auxiliary materials and equipment suppliers faced with numerous local Chinese wire and cable manufacturers turned out to be stunned, only a few large wire and cable production Enterprise slight understanding.

Thus, the Chinese mainland's lack of international wire and cable brand influence, brand development there is still much room for this. Therefore, China's domestic wire and cable manufacturers should seize and foreign exchange exposure opportunities, such as international wire and cable show, the promotion of good own brand to the international aspects to expand their brand influence and appeal .

In recent years, by the copper price fluctuations, the price of the cable is also increasing year by year and highly volatile.

Increasing production costs, raw material prices as the main reason copper prices high above. As we all know, the cable industry is a heavy material light industry, finished cable copper and other raw materials accounted for about 90% of the total cost. And plus the tow wire and wire money to buy a house a serious problem, so the wire and cable manufacturers in compelling circumstances, only a vicious cycle to default factory copper and other raw materials, money, thus forming a wire and cable industry's credit crisis,Faced with the problem of low concentration and only through increased integration of industry resources, and efforts to expand the company's market share, etc., in order to increase the stability of the domestic wire and cable industry.

Through the above-mentioned various problems and Luanxiang, not only in cable production enterprises sting, but also for the wire and cable manufacturers pointed out the direction - through increased R & D efforts, play local brands, and take the road of competitive differentiation, integration of industry efforts and other resources, to achieve the Chinese wire and cable industry in the global market competition breakthroughs!