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Cable “Made in China” what day into the “Made in China”

2017/06/22 10:35
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"China Cable some high-performance materials still dependent on imports, the key technology controlled by others, 'Made in China' overall level in the low end of the international industrial chain." Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute party secretary, deputy director of the Yushun Kang in 2013 China Cable Material said the General Assembly. Currently, Cable "Made in China" is the world's first, what day can move towards "Made in China"?May 28, by the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and the Shanghai Branch of wires and cables Cable Research Institute co-sponsored the 2013 China Cable Materials Conference held in Anhui.

At the meeting, party secretary of Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, deputy director Yu Shunkang first congress organizers speech.

Yushun Kang pointed out that China has become the world's first cable big country, but with world-class companies than there is not a small gap. Many basic raw materials and products, although the largest in the world production, but can be a number of high-performance materials dependent on imports, the key technology controlled by others, "made in China" in the international industrial chain, the overall level of the low-end.

Yushun Kang called for scientific research and development in the wire and cable workers, first of all, in order to achieve industry technology and product structure optimization and upgrading, upgrade the industry value chain and improve industrial competitiveness as the goal; Secondly, the cable between enterprises and research institutes to strengthen cooperation seeking "production, learning and research, with" a combination of the development of new road; again, accelerate new functional materials, high-performance structural materials and other fields of science and technology research, as soon as possible with the world advanced level of new materials and intelligent green manufacturing system.

According to authoritative statistics show that in 2012 China's total sales of wires and cables 1.31 trillion yuan, China's wire and cable industry gradually in the global wire and cable industry plays an irreplaceable role. Wire and cable industry is second only to China's second largest industry, the automotive industry, product variety to meet the rate and the domestic market share of more than 90%. Currently, Cable "Made in China" is the world's first, but broke away from the cable in the world, "Made in China" needs to be done to achieve a breakthrough.